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Christopher Knight: The Critic Whose Love for LA Uplifted Its Arts Community

The veteran art critic has played a formidable role in helping to shape the world’s perception of contemporary art in Los Angeles.

The Monumental Impact of Black Lives Matter Protests

Hyperallergic’s news team discusses the toppling of racist statues and considers how the quest for justice continues during protests worldwide.

Our Obsession With Less and Its Co-option by Silicon Valley

Kyle Chayka’s new book, The Longing for Less: Living with Minimalism, probes the corporate world’s love of minimalist design and what it might mean.

How the US Is Treating the Arts During the Pandemic, the #CancelRent Movement

Hyperallergic’s news team discusses the biggest art-related stories of the last few weeks of the pandemic.

Art Critic John Yau Talks About Four Decades of Writing in New York

The words of John Yau continue to be read by those who want to know what is going on in contemporary art in New York and beyond.

How Are the Arts in LA, the US Southwest, and Beyond Weathering the Pandemic?

News about new museum layoffs and other problems, art galleries closures, and the cancellation of the Indian Market in Santa Fe are all part of this week's episode.

What's Up With Museum Layoffs, Union Problems, and Untouchable Endowments?

As news of layoffs and furloughs continue, the Hyperallergic team takes a look at the issues of concern at museums and elsewhere.

The Boom in Online Exhibitions During the Pandemic

While museums and galleries have rushed to offer more and more online experiences as their physical spaces remain closed, we discuss the ones that stand out.

The Pandemic’s Effects on Museums and Art Schools

Another week reflecting on stories that are impacting thousands of lives in the art community.

From Rome to NYC, Audio Dispatches on COVID-19 and the Arts

Advocating for museums, songs from the pandemic, and other topics are the focus of this special podcast series about the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the arts.

What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on the Art Community?

Three Hyperallergic staff members discuss the pandemic and what its impact is on arts institutions of all types.

Connecting Modern Art Museums, Colonialism, and Violence

What role do art institutions play in inequality? Ariella Azoulay's new book suggests the relationship is not as indirect as many may think.

What Artists Need to Know About Taxes

Artist and tax specialist Hannah Cole shares her knowledge to help artists of all types get the breaks they deserve.

Hyperallergic Picks Their Favorite Holiday Movie Classics

Film editor Dan Schindel joins Editor-in-chief Hrag Vartanian to discuss why we love holiday films, and other Hyperallergic staff share their faves.

Zoë Buckman Is No One's Punching Bag

Her art pulls no punches about the impact of sexual violence, and critic Seph Rodney sits down with the artist to discuss her work.

Hyperallergic's Film Buffs Discuss 2019's Best Films, from Parasite to Avengers

This year provided a bounty of indie and art house films, and three Hyperallergic editors discuss their picks along with a conversation about the glut of Superhero fli...

The Realities Facing Art Schools Today: A Conversation With RISD President Rosanne Somerson

The Rhode Island School of Design is one of the world's premiere art schools, but that doesn't mean it doesn't face the same challenges all universities and colleges c...

The Relationship Between Art and Law Since the 1960s

Joan Kee is the rare combination of art historian and lawyer, and she's shared her special skills in her new book, "Models of Integrity: Art and Law in Post-Sixties Am...

Women’s Central Role in Lebanon's Modern Art World

A new exhibition takes a close look at the friendships of a major artist and critic in 1960s and '70s Beirut, and the charmed art world she helped bolster.

After Kanders: Critics, Reporters, and Editors Reflect on the 2019 Whitney Tear Gas Biennial

This year’s Whitney Biennial is wrapping up but we invited Hyperallergic critics and reporters to reflect on a tumultuous exhibition.

The Story Behind Our Art Handlers Exposé

Writer Zachary Small and Editor Jasmine Weber join Editor-in-chief Hrag Vartanian to reflect on the five-part series on art handlers and the challenges of reporting on...

The History, Context, and Legacy of an Ancient Plate by the Maya

Four experts peel back the layers of history hidden in an object that people believe was once used to serve white venison tamales centuries ago.

Joseph Pierce on Why Academics Must Decolonize Queerness

"Decolonial practices are about doing, but they're also about asking how we know the things we know. Under what conditions did whiteness become the norm? Under what co...

The Largely Unknown History of Blackface in Canada

Here's how Toronto's Gardiner Museum is using a figurine in its collection to peel back the layers of violently racialized imagery in Canada.

Shary Boyle's Exploration of the Fantastic and Political Lives of Clay

As ceramic becomes a more common material in contemporary art, artists like Shary Boyle are challenging the history of a medium that has too often been associated with...

Kent Monkman’s Mission to Decenter the Colonial Museum

Leading contemporary artist Kent Monkman discusses how museums have influenced his life and his art, and what he is doing to help change them to tell a fuller picture ...

The Unapologetic Queerness of Nayland Blake

This Pride Month, it’s important to remember the artists who invite their queerness into every aspect of their life, work, and art, like Nayland Blake.

Talking Digital Colonialism with Morehshin Allahyari

In her new performance lecture title "Physical Tactics for Digital Colonialism," Allahyari explores what it means for data to be colonized.

Decolonizing the Color of Queerness

Artist Cristina Pitter helps us open Pride Month with a paean from her performance piece, Decolonizing the Color of Queerness

Discussing the Future of Design and Tech with Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at MoMA

Antonelli shares her thoughts on the world of tech, design, and the work of a beloved arts organization that is celebrating 20 years, Eyebeam.

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