From Rome to NYC, Audio Dispatches on COVID-19 and the Arts

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Advocating for museums, songs from the pandemic, and other topics are the focus of this special podcast series about the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the arts.

Another week of unprecedented COVID-19 news dominates the headlines as the United States, and New York specifically, has slowly become one of the epicenters of a global pandemic.

The Hyperallergic news team, including news editor Jasmine Weber, and reporters Valentina di Liscia and Hakim Bishara, join me for our first-ever remote podcast to discuss a wide range of topics including how museums and art galleries are advocating for support, how the pandemic is impacting life in Rome, how Whitney Museum art handlers are doing their part, and even a look at some of the viral songs that have emerged from the crisis.

We will be producing a podcast weekly until the crisis is over, to document what we've been seeing, reading, and hearing about a virus that has forced inhabitants of some of the largest cities of the world to stay home. During this anxious time, as much of the world shelters in place to mediate the impact on local healthcare facilities, we work at keeping you informed about the daily realities of COVID-19 and its effect on arts communities.

For this episode, we gathered the songs that have emerged during the pandemic, including tracks by Tennessee Builds, Kathy Mak, JoJo, students of the Chino Valley Unified School District, and others.

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From Rome to NYC, Audio Dispatches on COVID-19 and the Arts
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