Connecting Modern Art Museums, Colonialism, and Violence

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What role do art institutions play in inequality? Ariella Azoulay's new book suggests the relationship is not as indirect as many may think.

Ariella Azoulay's new book Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism (Verso, 2019) is an important read on the topic of museums, colonialism, and their clear relationship. In this conversation, Azoulay, who is Professor of Modern Culture & Media and Comparative Literature at Brown University, joins us at Hyperallergic HQ to explain what we need to unlearn, and how artists, collectors, critics, and other arts professionals play a role in the continuing dispossession of colonial subjects, most often people of color, around the world. This conversation is essential for anyone interested in the future of arts institutions and their role in social change. 

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Connecting Modern Art Museums, Colonialism, and Violence
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