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Shelley Niro's 500 Year Itch

Shelley Niro (Kanien’kehaka) grew up watching her father craft faux tomahawks to sell to tourists who flocked to her birthplace, Niagara Falls. In this episode of the ...

Lee Quiñones: Graffiti and the Gallery

Anyone who remembers New York City’s “golden age” of graffiti in the late ’70s and early ’80s knows about the lion spray-painted on the handball court at Corlears Juni...

From Blog to Book

Since 2009, Hyperallergic has published tens of thousands of articles about art. But who are the writers behind these posts? And what drives them to write about art of...

Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt: The Story of One of the Few Artists at the Stonewall Uprising

We are thrilled to be back with a new episode of the Hyperallergic podcast. For our one hundredth episode, we spoke with legendary collage and mixed media artist Tommy...

The Cartoonist the US Right-Wing Political Establishment Loves to Hate

Eli Valley is one of the best American cartoonists and the political elite can’t stand his viral comics that pack a punch.

Artists Tali Hinkis and Daniel Temkin Discuss Digital Combines

Two new media-based artists have a conversation about the new energy in the contemporary art field and the limitations of categories for artists.

Tamara Lanier's Fight for the Photographs of Her Enslaved Ancestors at Harvard

In this episode of the Hyperallergic podcast, Lanier talks about her continuing quest for justice that includes the return of the daguerreotypes depicting her enslaved...

Understanding Why a Harvard Museum Will Return Standing Bear’s Tomahawk

Attorney Brett Chapman explains why this Ponca heirloom should be returned to Native Americans.

Audrey Flack and the Last of the New York School

For over 70 years, Flack has been making art in New York and boy does she have stories to tell.

Collector Tim Kang Talks About His Love of NFTs

The founder of the Sevens Foundation, Kang calls himself a “NFT thought leader” who is advocating global and equal opportunities for artists.

Creative Time’s Diya Vij Helps Launch an Art World Think Tank

The unorthodox program will gather together a group of thought leaders for 10 months to reflect and advise on happenings in the art community.

After Decades of Selling New Media Art, Gallerist Steven Sacks Offers His Take on NFTs

Bitforms gallery has been on the cutting edge of digital art for decades, so what does its founder think about NFTs?

Lindsay Howard Talks About the Burgeoning Market for NFTs

As head of the Foundation, one of the prominent platforms selling NFTs today, Howard has taken a more curated approach to the emerging field.

The World of NFTs, Explained by Digital Artist Addie Wagenknecht

While media outlets suggest non-fungible tokens are a panacea for artists, we ask a veteran of the digital realm to offer a more tempered take.

A Photographer Documents Post-war Artsakh

Scout Tufankjian spent a month in post-war Artsakh to witness the controversial ceasefire that would involve the removal of lands from the sovereignty of the Republic ...

MoMA’s Leon Black Problem and Cuban Artists Under Siege

Hyperallergic’s news team gets together to go over the highlights of our coverage from the past week.

The Biggest Art Stories of the Month, From Bernie Memes to the Vessel Shutdown

There’s been a lot of news recently, so Hyperallergic’s news team discusses some of the big art stories of the month in this episode.

From Graffiti to the Gallery, Futura Talks About Art

After 32 years, artist Futura is back with a solo exhibition in New York, his hometown where he first developed his reputation as a graffiti writer.

Artist Shahzia Sikander Is Ready for a New Post-Pandemic Reality

In this expansive conversation, Sikander discusses her first solo exhibition in a decade and her hopes for a post-pandemic art world.

John Yau, Jillian Steinhauer, and Others at Hyperallergic's First-ever Public Reading

This classic recording brings to life some of our favorite articles from 2015, and showcases the poetry of a few longtime Hyperallergic editors.

On Election Day, Reflecting on Months of Political Arts Reporting

Hyperallergic’s news team discusses the various art projects that have emerged during the 2020 election season.

Where Did the Deepfakes Go?

In this wide-ranging conversation, artist and technologist An Xiao Mina discusses the election cycle and the way propaganda is and isn't being used.

Sam Durant Revisits the “Scaffold” Controversy Three Years Later

The artist discusses the controversial incident three years ago in a new essay that explores the conversations prompted with the Walker Art Center.

National Gallery of Art Director Discusses the Decision to Delay the Philip Guston Exhibition

I talked to Kaywin Feldman to ask why the museum chose to delay the show by the well-known American artist.

Amin Husain and Nitasha Dhillon on Working to Decolonize the Art World (Part 2)

In this two-part conversation, the prominent New York activists talk about their lives, work, and what’s next.

Amin Husain and Nitasha Dhillon on Working to Decolonize the Art World (Part 1)

In this two-part conversation, the prominent New York activists talk about their lives, work, and what’s next.

The Artistic World of the Taíno People

In "Arte del mar", curator James Doyle highlights some of the most fascinating precolonial objects at the Metropolitan Museum.

Why Did the Whitney Museum Cancel a Political Art Exhibition?

Within 24 hours, online critics pushed the New York museum to reconsider an exhibition that many saw as “predatory.” Why?

Why Does TikTok Bother the Powerful So Much?

An Xiao Mina joins us to discuss why the new kid on the social media block is causing waves in halls of power around the world.

Why Would a Museum Display Skulls of Enslaved People in the First Place?

Students and activists are demanding the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Museum abolish a crania collection that was collected by a racist physician in the 19th cent...

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