The Monumental Impact of Black Lives Matter Protests

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Hyperallergic’s news team discusses the toppling of racist statues and considers how the quest for justice continues during protests worldwide.

This week, I talk to Hyperallergic news editor Jasmine Weber, and reporters Hakim Bishara and Valentina di Liscia, to discuss some of the major stories they’ve been reporting on. Art’s role in upholding the status quo has been long diminished, but we’ve seen major developments to challenge this, including the removal of Confederate statues across the United States; the toppling of a Columbus statue in Minneapolis by members of the American Indian Movement; the decision by MCA Chicago to halt its contract with local police; celebrities advocating for justice for Breonna Taylor; and the vow by former Whitney Museum Vice Chair Warren Kanders to sell Safariland divisions that manufactures tear gas.

We also discuss our editorial decision to blur the faces of protesters, as well as two important essays we published on the origins of the word “loot” and the meaning of journalistic “objectivity.”

I also speak to scholar and photographer Artyom Tonoyan about what he saw during the May 29th protests in Minneapolis.

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The Monumental Impact of Black Lives Matter Protests
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