A weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world with host Hrag Vartanian, cofounder and editor-in-chief of Hyperallergic.

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How the US Is Treating the Arts During the Pandemic, the #CancelRent Movement

Hyperallergic’s news team discusses the biggest art-related stories of the last few weeks of the pandemic.

Art Critic John Yau Talks About Four Decades of Writing in New York

The words of John Yau continue to be read by those who want to know what is going on in contemporary art in New York and beyond.

How Are the Arts in LA, the US Southwest, and Beyond Weathering the Pandemic?

News about new museum layoffs and other problems, art galleries closures, and the cancellation of the Indian Market in Santa Fe are all part of this week's episode.

What's Up With Museum Layoffs, Union Problems, and Untouchable Endowments?

As news of layoffs and furloughs continue, the Hyperallergic team takes a look at the issues of concern at museums and elsewhere.

The Boom in Online Exhibitions During the Pandemic

While museums and galleries have rushed to offer more and more online experiences as their physical spaces remain closed, we discuss the ones that stand out.

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