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Christopher Knight: The Critic Whose Love for LA Uplifted Its Arts Community

The veteran art critic has played a formidable role in helping to shape the world’s perception of contemporary art in Los Angeles.

The Monumental Impact of Black Lives Matter Protests

Hyperallergic’s news team discusses the toppling of racist statues and considers how the quest for justice continues during protests worldwide.

Our Obsession With Less and Its Co-option by Silicon Valley

Kyle Chayka’s new book, The Longing for Less: Living with Minimalism, probes the corporate world’s love of minimalist design and what it might mean.

How the US Is Treating the Arts During the Pandemic, the #CancelRent Movement

Hyperallergic’s news team discusses the biggest art-related stories of the last few weeks of the pandemic.

Art Critic John Yau Talks About Four Decades of Writing in New York

The words of John Yau continue to be read by those who want to know what is going on in contemporary art in New York and beyond.

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